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About Us

Saison is a ready-to-wear label conceived with the ethos of creating a refined, effortless wardrobe for the modern woman. The brand takes its name from the French word saison, meaning “season.”

With a focus on thoughtful details, functionality, and perfected silhouettes, Saison designs and curates wardrobe staples from around the globe. We are inspired by an intentional approach to everyday dressing, aiming to build upon your wardrobe with designs that are classic, but never boring. 

The result is a well-curated wardrobe that is timeless and designed to be worn season after season.



Our Story 

Our founder, Alyssa, started Saison after several years of working in the world of finance. As a working professional and lover of all things fashion, she noticed a clear gap in the market: brands that offered high design were often priced out of reach for the average woman, while those that were priced competitively lacked quality.

Thus, Saison was born, with a focus on offering a balance between timeless appeal and quality craftsmanship, at the right price. Alyssa envisioned Saison as a go-to destination for women seeking everyday pieces that could seamlessly transition from the boardroom to Sunday brunch, without compromising on style or quality.